Hey there, and welcome to Hailey Daily! 
I am so excited that you are here and want to know some more about me. I am a young adult making my way into the blogging world one instagram/blogpost at a time. I began my blogging career in the winter of 2013. Since then, Hailey Daily has grown into a major part of my life and somewhat of a second job. 

Growing Up
I grew up as a military brat, with a German mother and an Alabama born-and-raised father. We traveled a lot (in Europe and America). I wish that I could say that I have always loved fashion and clothing, but in middle school I was everything but fashionable. I wore mixed match prints (and not in the good way) and was lucky if I brushed my hair that day. I realized my love for fashion in high school when I realized how it could set me apart from others. I grew up in Germany (specifically Bavaria) and finished my schooling in Augusta, Georgia. Fashion has become a major form of expression for me, and has enriched my life with both beautiful people, relationships, and opportunities!

I enjoy working in retail and have done so for 4 years now! I am currently working at Behind The Glass in Auburn, Alabama, and I previously worked at The Swank Company in Augusta, Georgia. Working retail has definitely helped me grow as a blogger. Many of the gals that I work with are constantly encouraging me to work harder to be the best blogger that I can be.

I currently attend Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle!!) but I previously attended Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. I am currently an Apparel Merchandising major and intend to further my education at Auburn for one more year. 

I am member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and absolutely love it. I was both a chapter member and served as New Member Coordinator (alpha mom!) at Augusta University, and continue to be an affiliate of the Beta Omega chapter at Auburn University. 

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