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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hey there!
First things first: big news... the boutique I work for finally got their website up and running, so if you have sec, go check it out :) 
This week I have been definitely been feeling the green vibes. Not wanting summer to fade is hard
and letting go of these hues is going to be even harder. One of the things that I have noticed while having a blog is just how versatile my style is. I think one thing I have struggled with in fashion is my identity and style within that identity. I think that the world has decided that labels make fashion easier. Goth, preppy, edgy, simplistic... the list goes on and on. But as of late I have been paying attention to just how diverse my style is.
Last year when talking to another sister (Rachel Timmerman of Something Delightful blog) I realized just how much fashion and my style have helped me in life. As shallow as it may sound (hate me), you may not always have control over being the prettiest, tallest, blondest, most gorgeous woman or man in the room, but you can control if you are the best dressed one. And even if you are not.... if you feel good about your outfit it can alter the mood you are in 100%.
I truly believe that if you feel confident in what you are wearing (no matter what anyone else thinks) you feel 1000 times better. So, you may be thinking to yourself, "but Hailey, you said you want to be the best dressed person in the room but it doesn't matter if anyone knows it but you? How does that make sense?". Honestly, style is such a beautiful, strange thing in that it is exactly what you want it to be and diverse in its own way. No one else in this world has the exact same closet as you.
No one else in this world will style and outfit EXACTLY like you. So, when people ask me what my style is from now on I have decided that it is whatever I want it to be THAT day. Some times I wake up and I think "eh, today I am feeling the 'hipster' vibe" and others I want to be a classy business woman who gets stuff done. But that doesn't mean that I cant brand myself as Hailey Daily, the style enthusiast who has a complete style of her own. And to be honest, that is something that I have struggled with.
What if people don't like my posts because I'm too wishy-washy? What if they think I don't have one set style? Those are legitimate questions I have asked myself. And having said that I do agree that consistency is very important in running a blog, but that doesn't mean that it cant be diverse and different and a little interesting every once in while.

Now, hows that for a rant? I guess that's exactly what a blog is for, right?

Thanks for reading..

Until next time,

Hailey Daily

{ houndstooth press }

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Can you obsessed? I am in love with with this cute little tank from the Houndstooth Press. I just recently found about this neat not-so-little company based in Fayettville, Arkansas. As soon as I started looking through their portfolio online, I knew I had found the next location for my chapters t-shirts. Their designs are beautiful and unlike any other ones I seen (and believe me, I see tons and look through thousands on Pinterest..perks of having a position in a sorority). This look that is featured above is one that I sport multiple times on campus. Although I'd like to pretend that I'm just as stylish at work as I am at school, that is just not the reality. College students like to be comfy. Everyone likes to be comfy. Houndstooth Press makes shirts that are comfy....see where I am going with this? But really... If you are looking to produce some super cute tee's with an easy to work with company than look no more. And if you'd like to purchase one of these tees the link to contact them is above. Below I included some of my favorites from their portfolio. Check them out :)

Thanks for reading!

Until next time.. 

Hailey Daily

{ neons after summer }

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

 earrings || shoes || tote || necklace || watch

I know, I know......I know exactly what you are thinking. "Hailey, it's September and you are wearing hot pink AND white"..I know, bold move. Insert smirk face emoji here. If you live pretty much anywhere in Georgia you know the struggle of dealing with the 3 week long time period we like to call "fall". That's right, so while everyone is enjoying their lightweight sweaters and booties we are still sunbathing and/or roasting. Don't get me wrong, most times this is some what great, however it leaves my posts a little behind (selfish, whatever). So, why pretend to be wearing all of those wonderful things we spoke of while I could still be getting some use out my favorite white pants and neon top I found for $5 at the J.Crew Warehouse Sale?? Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out Walking in Memphis High Heels post

Until next time..

Hailey Daily

{ that 70's style }

Monday, September 14, 2015

top: Swank || dittos jeans || earrings

Hey guys!

So, this weeks post is super exiting because I feel like my style is branching out a little bit. I'm so incredibly in love with these 1970 style flared jeans, so much even that I went and took photos before getting my pants hemmed (insert monkey emoji). I love how long and lean these pants make me look and feel. Not even that but I also really love feeling tall, and these pants make me feel 10 feet tall. I am high key obsessed with this top for fall, too! It is the perfect length to wear with these jeans, or even a cute pencil skirt for a dressier event. Also, true life: I'm not sure if I'm ready for fall, Strange.... I know. But I just can't imagine being cold and bundled up walking around campus. Every single post I see on Instagram seems to be celebrating this cold front and I am almost upset. Maybe I am on my own..maybe not...but I am holding on strong, even if its only with fall colored tanks.

Until next time..

Hailey Daily

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