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Monday, July 7, 2014
Well.. this post is definitely one that has probably been done by every single blogger out there, but does it hurt to do it one more time? I guess that means it is just something is worth talking about that many times, right?? Right! The chambray shirt is one that I loved for as long as I can remember. There is just something about a clean cut denim shirt styled to perfection. So, speaking of styling a chambray shirt, below I have put together 10 different ways/reasons why the chambray shirt is one that EVERYONE should have in their closet. If you checked out my previous post with Charles River Apparel you saw how I styled their Chambray Shirt.. and I must say that that is my absolute favorite way to style one now.. but scroll down below to check out nine other ways to style the one universal top!

1. Dressed Up for Work
I am absolutly loving both of these looks because I just started my job and was personally trying to figure out a suitable way to make chambray work in a business setting! The look on the right is perfect for summer while the look on the right I would probably save for fall!

2. The Maxi
I love that the looks above take the chambray from casual to playful with just one simple piece! Almost everyone today has a maxi skirt, whether it printed, pleated, or even a simple color the chambray shirt is the perfect way to add a little spunk to the traditional way its usually styled. 

 3. With a Lightweight Scarf
Blogger Emily Gemma of "The Sweetest Thing" obviously knows how to rock chambray. The look above is one that I have worn multiple times with a white fluffy scarf and white jeans. It's perfect for spring and summer (depending on where you live.. obviously not in the south) and is so simple it can be a go to outfit when you are questioning what to wear to a dinner or even to run errands!

4. With Bright Skinnies 
There is not much to say on the subject of bright skinnies and a chambray shirt but that they make the perfect match. For the chambray that I have (Charles River Apparel Chambray Shirt) I would probably pair it with green jeans because it is a little darker than the one above. That is definitely something to think about when wearing chambray with color- if the top is dark go with a more muted color rather than a bright one that you would pair with a light chambray. 

5. Denim on Denim
I was one who was against the denim on denim look for the longest time.. but I think that it was just something that grew on me. Pairing a chambray that is darker or lighter than the jean you plan on wearing is a great casual look that almost always looks good. It may feel a little strange at first just because it feels like you are pushing the denim too much, but sometimes when you put too great things together, it cant possibly go wrong!

6. With Black Skinnies 
If you are planning on wearing this look I would definitely recommend going with a lighter wash like the Charles River Apparel Light Wash Chambray Shirt. The wash will go better with the black jeans/pants rather than a dark wash that will clash!

7. With White Skinnies 
This look is most likely the easiest/most common way to style a chambray shirt, although it still remains one of my favorites!! Classic, fresh, and clean are the exact words I think of when white on denim comes to mind! Pair it with jacks for a casual look, or wedges or booties for a little dressed up look. Honestly, no matter if you throw on a necklace or just go basic with nude sandals this look is always a classic one to fall back on!

 8. With a Light Weight Sweater
I am absolutely in love with this look for spring/early fall (or if you can wear a sweater AND a chambray in summer.. go for it! where I'm from.. not so much). Any color would be cute over a chambray, but I am really loving the corally/pinkish cues like the ones above. They make the blue pop and blend great with white skinnies! 

 9. Dressed up with a skirt
I am loving a cute chambray shirt paired with a fun textured/patterned skirt! Lace looks great, as well as any pattern that works well with the wash of the shirt. There is not much I can say about
this look but that it is super cute and once again pretty easy to achieve!
 10. Casual Skirt 

I talked about this Charles River Apparel Chambray Shirt in my previous post but I just wanted to reiterate how great it is! Paired with my white linen skirt it makes such a statement. My look compared to the one on the right is a bit more casual, but it could be dressed up with the simple change of a shoe! 

I hope you enjoyed my post all about chambray shirts and how to style them!

Until next time.. 

Hailey Daily 

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