{ suede, suede, suede }

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm sure that you have probably seen it every where. It is almost as if it died and can back to life suddenly in the year 2015. It is soft...it clings to you like nothing else..and what can I say, I am obsessed? Suede. Suede. Suede. You know, if I am being completely honest at first I was a little confused as to why it was making a comeback. But the more I looked at it and saw things in stores (and pretty much everywhere else) I finally made the commitment to it once I found this adorable little baby-doll peplum top at Urban Outfitters. Boy, does it cling, but once you get that part its actually fantastic. If you are thinking about diving into the trend this may be the piece for you. I love it with these deep plum pants but it also looks good with black and regular denim. It is quite versatile and I can already see myself wearing it multiple different ways. 

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