{ Sarta Designs Pt. 2: Seersucker Love }

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!
This week, like many other college students (what-I am a college student..? I know, it shocks me too!) I will be heading back to school! What better way to say goodbye to summer than with some sweet seersucker? I have always loved seersucker, but there's just something about a sash that makes it ten times better! This skirt is PERFECT for sorority recruitment, church, dinner... you get it, pretty much anything! The best part is, if you want to dress it down, the sash is removable so you can do that in a second! Throw on a cute white button up or navy tank, and you have a perfect summer-fall transition outfit. This is actually the second part of my two part Sarta Skirt Saga, and I must say that these two skirts are my two new faves, no lie! OH, and as you probably noticed, I have a very special guest that appeared in this weeks post :)  My boyfriend has been begging-okay maybe not quite begging- but asking when he was going to get to make an appearance on my haileydailyxo account for quite some time now.. so I figured, whats better than double the seersucker!? Am I right? Plus, how could I pass up and opportunity to take some couple pics? ;) 

Thanks for reading!

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Hailey Daily

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  1. Okay I am pretty obsessed with this skirt! I absolutely love it! I will definitely be adding this outfit to my "files" (aka pinterest ;)

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