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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sarta Skirt || Shirt: old (similiar here) || Earrings || 
Hello, Hello, Hello!

It's been along time since I last posted, and like every other time I am going to say I promise I will post more-but this time I am foreal! I have been so busy lately with my job and moving that I haven't had time to put the proper effort into blogging! So, I finally got my hands on the camera I have been eyeing FOREVER (thanks Mom, if you are reading this :), and was feeling super horrible about not posting as frequently as I would have liked so I just decided to take a shoot (in front of our new house-notice the change in scenery? ;) spur of the moment! I must say, this skirt makes things like that easy as pie. When I first received this Sarta skirt I just new it was going to be my go to staple for the end of this summer, and transitioning into fall! I love a pop of color, and I think hot pink is pretty much any-season kind of color (am I right? ;) because you can wear it in the summer with blues and creams, in the fall with riding boots and a polo, in winter with black tights and a dressy top, and bring it back around during the spring with a floral fun top! The best part is, if you aren't into pink, Sarta Designs makes ANY color/print you can possibly think of! Red, black, seersucker, houndstooth, and LILLY! Not to mention, they are by far the most reasonably priced custom made skirts around. I have looked up and down (no lie) for skirts that resemble the J.crew City Mini for a good price, and just when I thought I had lost all hope I found Sarta. 

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Hailey Daily 

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