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Saturday, July 25, 2015
Hello, hello, hello!

I have decided to put together everything I have learned from my experience of going greek! I want to share the highs and the lows, from recruitment all the way to spring formal, so read along as I break down sorority recruitment and sisterhood in general.


As some of you may or may not know, I myself went through recruitment this past fall as an incoming freshman. At my school, recruitment is a little different in that it is not the week before the first day of classes, but rather two to three weeks in. Honestly, I feel like it is more beneficial to go through a little later because it gives you some time to get situated and get to know your schedule before you get caught up in the world-wind that is recruitment. 

Personally however, my first two weeks of school were miserable. I knew some people but even then there were no exciting, college moments that I had hoped for. For me, it was a lesser, more empty version of high school. Prior to school beginning I had actually almost backed out of going through because I thought I couldn't handle it. I am SO happy I didn't. I have created so many lifelong friendships through my sorority, and not only that but connections and great memories.
Pictured above is Selma and I, one of the sweet girls I became close with during recruitment! We were accidentally twinning on our final day of recruitment, Preference Day/Night. Selma and I ended up finding different homes, but I truly believe we ended up where we were supposed to! Preference was definitely my favorite round because you get down to the bones of each sorority and get a true feel for who the girls are. Without all the loud chants and decorations you are able to finally sit down and realize "this is where I belong". I always thought that that would not happen for me, that I would be the one freaking out the night before bid day but I can honestly say that at the end of Preference I knew exactly what I wanted. 
Bid Day 2014 

The most amazing feeling on bid day was running to so many new people, and knowing that would be okay because one day soon they would be your sisters and best friends. Recruitment is a crazy hectic time but it is rewarding. Bid day is probably one of my favorite days to look back on. You have no idea what you are in for, and its so exciting.

American Social
Steeds Dairy Sisterhood Event
Big Diamond/Little Diamond Reveal

Most people going into recruitment don't realize how many fun things are to come. Sisterhood trips, socials to dance the night away, and finding your niche in the sorority with your "big". Big Diamond/Little Diamond Reveal is probably on the top of my list of memories. Its very much talked about and known among the sorority world how big of a deal your big is, but actually getting your very own is so much better than you can expect. Your big is more than your friend or bff, they are your mentor through your period as a new member. I was lucky enough to have a twin and that girl became my best friend! The best thing about being in a sorority is just when you think you know everyone, you realize there are so many more people to get to know and love. Hannah and I had known eachother but never got close until we had something in common, we loved our big diamond, Marisa! 

 Lip Sync Champs 2015
Bid Day Spring 2015
Sisterhood is not only fun trips and socials, it can also be very rewarding. My spring semester I decided to participate in our schools annual Lip Sync competition. We worked so. so hard and in the end we won! It was so rewarding to win something not only for yourself, or your team, but your sorority. Almost every school has a competition like this or similar to this for their greek life or student life in general. But, if dancing or fake singing are not your thing taking a position is a SUPER great way to make an impression on your sorority and grow as a person. My spring semester I became my sorority's New Member Coordinator . This meant that I had the role of planning bid day for Spring and Fall 2015, and helping new members through the process that is becoming a full sister. Having a position in a sorority is a rewarding experience that can only further enrich your experience in a sorority.
Ronald McDonald House on St. Patricks Day 2015
Sorority life can also be fulfill many charitable roles in ones life. My sorority in particular partners with the Ronald McDonald House Charities all over the country as our national philanthropy. Each panhellenic sorority has a specific philanthropy that they are involved with and each chapter is responsible for raising money for that charitable organization.

So here I am today, almost a full year after recruitment! Getting ready for our upcoming recruitment and bid day has been such an exciting time! Now that I've talked about my own personal experience with recruitment and sorority life in general, I'd like to give some tips if you are thinking about going through recruitment!

1) As cliche as it sounds, please please PLEASE be yourself. At the end of the day, those girls you are talking to are the girls that could be by your side on your wedding day, the girls you will call at 2 am when you are tired and you need a study break, they are the girls that will be with you forever. They are your sisters. So do yourself a favor and be real and yourself because if you aren't, you don't know if you ended up where you were supposed to be.

2) The best way to find your home is to pick the group of girls that you could see yourself going to the beach with the very next day. The girls you feel comfortable around and see yourself having a good time with.

3) Have fun! Embrace every aspect of recruitment. This experience is once of a lifetime and you can truly enjoy this time and appreciate how great it is to be meeting so many new people! 


 Day/Night One: Go for something that is easy to change out of as most schools will provide a shirt for you to wear the first night. A solid short would be nice with light jewelry and comfy sandals.
Day 2/Night Two: For this outfit I would make it dressier than the first day, more on casual side still. A cute skirt with a top and jacks/sandals would be perfect to walk from house to house (or room to room for me!).
Day/Night 3: Each night of recruitment gets dressier and dressier. Try to pick something that will make your personality come out. A cute shift dress or maxi would be nice and comfy. Maybe dress it out with some nice wedges or heels!
Preference Day/Night: Some schools have more than 3/4 days (mine only had 3!) so there may be one more outfit in there, but I would just a lighter cocktail dress if so! This dress is meant to really wow YOUR preferences and make them see who you really are. The dress is above is the actual dress I wore for my Preference round! I loved how bright and me it was!
Bid Day: AHH! This is the most exciting part of all the days. So wear shorts that are easy to wear with your new sororitys shirts they supply you! You wont know until you are given your bid what type of shirt you will be wearing so as a reference to the first day, wear a solid colored short. Denim, white, and black are great go to's for this! High waisted shorts are always really fun and can be worn really cute no matter what theme your sorority will be having that day!

I hope all of this was helpful if you are thinking about going through recruitment, or sorority life in general!! If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer what I can at haileydailyxo@gmail.com

Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time..

Hailey Daily

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  1. Hailey,

    You make me want to go through recruitment! It's so great that you had these amazing experiences, I hope this round of recruitment is just as exciting!

    Rickey - The Mod Prep


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