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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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The best kind of trips are the spontaneous, fast day trips. This past week my mom flew to Germany to go spend some time with my family. Because of this, we (Jessie and I) had to drive my mom to Atlanta and when she asked if we could, I obviously saw that as an opportunity to make a day in Atlanta out of it! Because both of us are from the state of Georgia, naturally we had both been to all of the touristy things there are to do in Atlanta... aka The Coke Factory, The Zoo, The Georgia Aquarium, and we had both seen downtown Atlanta. So, from that we decided to go to Atlantic Station after we dropped my mom off. I love Atlantic Station because it is the perfect mix of shopping, food, and entertainment (there is a movie theater!) We ate some chocolate covered strawberries, a caramel apple and went on our way to walk around and shop! We even got a little shoot in there!

After we went to Atlantic Station we headed towards Phipps Plaza. I absolutely adore this mall for its luxurious stores and high-end feel. First, we went to Tory Burch and I of course oohed and ahhed at every. single. thing. Then, we went into  

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  1. Absolutely love these colors together! And your jewelry looks amazing.

    xoxo, Mal


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