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Sunday, December 20, 2015

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Hey there!

Oh my. This post has been one that has been in the works for quite a while.... I have contemplated making a post like this for quite some time and it just never came together like I'd hoped. Finally, I have completed one and I am so excited that I did. Unlike other posts I've seen comparing save vs. splurge I wanted to tell you guys some of the mistakes I have made when it comes to purchasing items that I thought were going to have substantial place in my wardrobe and then just didn't. I guess you could call it the dos and don'ts of purchases for your wardrobe*.

Before I truly begin breaking down these items I wanted to point out that when creating this post I mainly geared it towards the 16-25 age group who are working on creating a wardrobe**. From my experience (falling in the middle of this age bracket) this is a hard age in which trendy items come before substantial wardrobe building pieces. But this could apply to anyone who finds interest in it :)
Having said that.. lets begin!

*Any time you see a ($) that means that I recommend spending less rather than more ($$$) 
**winter wardrobe 

1. Blanket Scarves ($)

So, we have all seen them. They have worked their way from the runways to the little boutiques in your home town. They are huge, they make for awesome gifts, and also staples in your closet! For this purchase I would recommend you spend less. Though I feel like they are a great piece for your wardrobe, whether you live where temps are only 65 in the winter or they are in the 30s you know you will try and wear one of these at least once. And for the prices you can find them for... I think its worth it. But I don't recommend spending more than $40 on it. The ones I've spent that much on I definitely regretted it afterwards.

2. Floppy Hat ($)

For this one I would definitely recommend not spending more than $30 on. You will always find one cheaper. Target has them, cheap stores in the mall have them, Old Navy has them. I rest my case, literally everyone has them so don't spend too much on them. I have had mine from target for 2 years now and I truly believe you cannot tell one bit that it is that old.

3. Tops ($ and $$$)

This one is a little bit of both and it is also a little bit self explanatory. When it comes to tops you see yourself wearing all the time: turtlenecks under vests, vnecks, sweaters. It always outweighs the money you didn't spend in the years you can wear them. You.will.wear.them.all.the.time. For instance, this top was $58..which is alot of money for a white vneck if you ask me. But when I evaluated it at the store I thought of 3 ways I could wear it and then decided that it was in my best interest to purchase the expensive version rather than a cheap version that would fall apart after one season. Many times for shirts I will buy the cheap version if I can only think of one or two ways that I can wear it. Hanging your clothes instead of washing them will help keeping them looking new for longer. Many pieces that I have from forever 21 I do this with because I may only wear them once or twice but I still want them to look nice.

4. Jewelry ($ and $$$)

There are two categories when it comes to jewelry: costume and fine jewelry. Today I am only talking about costume because fine jewelry would obviously be $$$$. Costume jewelry to me is something that you have to evaluate personally. I have made the mistake many times spending too much on a necklace I can only wear a couple times or even goes out of style too quickly. For instance, I feel that statement necklaces had their day and now aren't as big as they once were. Now I have a bunch of them that I paid a pretty good amount on and do not want to wear anymore. Although this is the nature of fashion and its ever changing ways, I sometimes wish I would have either purchased less or paid less for them. When it comes to necklaces if it is costume jewelry you are going to wear everyday, always invest in the nicer one. For instance, my necklace that I wear every single day is Tiffany's, and I do not regret this purchase one bit. However, I spent more than I would have liked to on my monogram necklace which I wear much less. I would wait at least a month and every day when you get dressed analyze whether the piece would match what you are wearing.

5. Purses and Cross-body's ($$$)

This one to me is always one that will be worth the money. You use this every.single.day. You want it to hold up, to not fall apart. To me, much like you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, you can tell a lot about a woman by her purse. This doesn't mean you have to spend an insane amount of money on a purse, but do decide to spend more on the neutral, functional (or fun colored, if thats your personality) purse over the cheetah print crossbody. Always choose to spend more on the things you use the most and you will never regret it. I purchased my black Tory crossbody 3 years ago and I do not regret it to this day.

6. Trendy looks ($)

Never ever ever purchase a trendy look and spend more than $60 on it. Unless you have tons of money, then do. But if you are like me, i.e. not rich, do not spend more than that one trendy looks. For example, the suede trend that is going on right now will pass. The fringe trend will pass. Just like the bow-back tops, the chevron, and the bauble necklace, the trend will pass and you will feel silly for spending that much on that item. One way to avoid doing that and still getting in on the trend is to buy an inexpensive version from forever 21 or old navy or another boutique that may sell the look you are looking for. For example, the fringe bootie trend is huge right now but I knew it wouldn't be next year. So, I got these booties and they will probably last me this season-but thats okay with me. Next year at this time if the trend is still around and I still like it I will maybe spend more on the look.

7. Watch ($$$)

Even though my watch isn't that expensive in the big scheme of things (ahem, Rolex's cost like how much?), but at roughly $200 it is the perfect item for you to "splurge" on. If you are like me and wear a watch every day, you need to go ahead and buy one you absolutely love that is a little pricier. This is the one that I have and this year will be two years of having it. I honestly cannot tell that it is that old. I have worn it almost every day since I purchased it and it has been such an amazing purchase. A watch is something I definitely recommend spending more on, and just having in general. Wearing a watch says "I care about being punctual". Also, another tip about trendy watches, I will admit I did not think the oversized watch trend would stick around, but it is clearly here to stay. So, definitely go for one at a good size and don't worry about it going away.

8. Wallet ($$$)

This is a huge one too...though most might think this isn't a "wardrobe" essential...that is so not true. Lets be real here: how many times a day do you whip out your wallet? At least once a day. What else besides your intimates can you say that about?? You use this and look at it so much you might as well make it pretty, am I right? Personally, I love my Hobo wallet. I've had it for a year now and I absolutely adore it. Though I love the look of Tory's and Kate's, Hobo is just so realistic for a college student or anyone who likes to just carry a wallet sometimes. I love it because it has enough room for me to put my phone in and all my receipts and like every single store card you could think of. I mean the pockets and slots are endless. Also you can find them on sale alot on sites like 6PM and you can find them on amazon (older styles) cheaper too.

9. Vests ($)

This one is kind of iffy. If you are going to be wearing them alot, obviously go for the more expensive one. But honestly its one of those things where I (surprisingly because I very rarely do this) would rather have quantity over quality. This may be different who lives up north and wears them alot but here in Georgia I don't need them too often. I like to spend around $50-$70 on my vests. I feel that they are very memorable and it is noticeable that I have worn them like twice in one week.

10. Boots ($$$)

Always opt for the more expensive boots. I think anywhere from $50-$400 is a good price range. On the lower end I normally purchase ones I don't see myself wearing all the time (ones of specific color schemes, high heeled, special occasion) and I spend higher amounts on boots I can wear alot more (riding boots, ankle booties that I wear often to work). If you know you are going to wear them alot, spend the money. Also, something I have learned is that you should never buy 2 colors at the same time. ALWAYS try them out before doing this. How can you truly love them all the way until you have walked a mile in them??

11. Leggings ($$$)

Okay, so I know what you are thinking. Spend a lot on leggings, whaaa?? Yeah, just one month ago I would have called me crazy too. But then I got my hands on these Lysse leggings and it rocked my world. Before, I literally had like 5 pairs of leggings and their color would fade within 3 washes. I hated it! They never, ever looked as sleek as I wanted them to. These Lysse leggings are amazing because they are a ponte pant (thats right-pant) so you can wear them as pants! They suck everything in so you don't have to worry one little bit about your tush showing a bit. But, if you arent quite convinced yet, they sell ponte pants at target and Walmart so you can try them out before you bite the bullet and buy these bad boys. But, trust me, you can purchase them and wear them a week straight so dont you worry, you'll get your moneys worth.

12. Rain boots ($$$)

I'm sure many of you already own these pretty rain boots, but for those of you who don't, here are some reasons you should purchase this specific brand or another brand that will last you a little longer than your average rain boot. I have had my Hunter boots for 3 years now and I will tell you, they have gotten SO much use in that time. Unless you live where it doesn't rain but maybe 2 times a year, it will rain where you live. It does where I live and believe me, I love when I can pull these pretties out. Take it from me though, purchase a neutral color. Grey, black, navy...whichever you think will go with more. But for your first pair chose a color that is easy to coordinate with your wardrobe. Otherwise, you will constantly find yourself regretting your decision. I already  have a pair of black, and for Christmas I asked for the Chelsea boot in (what do you know) black! I just wear so much black it makes sense for me to get the color again.

WOW. That was a lot. But I am so incredibly glad I finally got down (almost) everything I feel every young woman should have in their winter wardrobe!

If you like this, please comment so I can know if I should do a spring/summer version of this!

Thanks so much for reading!!

Until next time...

Hailey Daily

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