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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hey there!

I cannot believe its been about a month since my last post.. where has the time gone!? The beginning of the semester has definitely been kicking my butt more than usual, my classes are pretty tough, but I am ready to be moving on to bigger and better things soon! I also have some very exciting news.... I am currently working on getting together a new blog them for HaileyDailyxo! As you may have noticed, my blog has officially taken the name of www.haileydailyxo.com! I am so excited to be moving in the right direction for my blog, as I plan for this to be something I do well into the future! I cannot wait for you all to see my new design and what I have already began planning! 

As for the post, I am so in love with mixing patterns lately (even though its something every one else has been doing for quite some time, haha!) I will be honest, at first it can be a little intimidating! Not knowing whether its clashing just the right amount, or going horribly wrong. But pulling the navy from the scarf seemed to have really worked for this look, I love it! :)

Also, as you may have noticed, I ran into my sweet friend, Rachel, of Something Delightful while shooting this look! Rachel and I are actually sisters of Alpha Delta Pi and that is how I originally met her. Before meeting Rachel I always loved her style and frequented her blog very often. Rachel has definitely been a role model to me, not only as a blogger, but as a woman. I'm so happy that I met her and that I can say she is not only a sister, but a dear friend. I am so glad I also got finally meet the absolutely adorable Madeline! She is such a little cutey and definitely is the spitting image of her cute momma! 

Thanks for reading!

Until next time..

Hailey Daily

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