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Thursday, September 1, 2016

pink pair | tortoise shell pair | black pair

Hey there!

I hope you guys have had a great week so far... I am so beyond thankful tomorrow is Friday! This weekend I am going to my first Auburn football game and I could not be anymore excited! These first couple of weeks have felt so long and tiring with my classes being from 9-3 on Tuesday and Thursday. In class I use my laptop all day long to take notes, not to mention when I get home to study and do homework. Staring at your computer screen can do some crazy things to your eyes, by the end of the day it always felt like I needed a break from staring at the screen. Thats why I was so excited to partner with Eye Buy Direct to review some of  their digital screen protecting glasses. I am going to be honest, before trying these I had never even of this cool feature! It is only an additional $28.95 on top of the cost of the glasses you choose (which are all super duper cheap already...and great quality!)  and boy, does it make all the difference! I can literally tell the difference as soon as I put them on. Now I don't like to type in class if I am not wearing my glasses (and I don't even need prescription glasses). No matter what though, whether you decide to go with the protecting ones or not, these glasses are too cute not to get just to upgrade any outfit you have. Growing up I always wanted glasses. There was something always so cute and quirky about them that attracted me. So as soon as I found out they made nonprescription pairs of course I had to buy some. Eye Buy Direct has the cutest glasses, it literally took me forever to narrow it down to just 3 options! So if you are on the fence about trying a pair, definitely look no further :)
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  1. Well, I love glasses and how you styled each pair-adorable!
    The nude/cream color ones are lovely!

  2. I adore your haircut! I cut mine short a few months ago and it's so much easier.


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