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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Hey guys!
I am super excited to be sharing with y'all something that I have been doing over the past week. I have always wanted whiter teeth at it is something that I feel just instantly makes your smile that much prettier. I have tried whiting toothpastes, Crest white stripes (and I could never keep them on for more than 5 minutes lol), whiting mouth wash, and nothing has ever worked for me. I have always wanted to try professional teeth whitening, but I could never get myself to pay the insane amount that it costs (usually around $650-ouch!) So, I was super excited to give in home trays a try since I have always heard good things about them. Smile Brilliant is an amazing company that shows instant (really.. it is insane) and long term teeth whiting results. In this blog post I wanted to break down a step by step run through of what all is included in the kit, how much it costs, and what actual results look like! To receive $20 off of your purchase, be one of the first 20 people to use the code 'haileydaily'

When you receive your box in the mail, it will include the following items: 2 trays for your impressions, 3/6/9 (depending on your package) syringes, 3 sets of paste, and instructions. 
There will be two blue trays included in your box that you will use to create your impressions. The instruction guide below gives detailed instructions on how you do so.

Once you use the two pastes (above) and mix them together to create the mold, you will put it inside of the tray and place the tray inside of your mouth to create the impression and you hold it there for the top and the bottom for 2 minutes. One extra set of paste are included in you mess up, which is a nice little security blanket. Once you are done with that, you will let it sit out for a while and harden. Once it has hardened you will then run cold water over it and then you will let it dry. Once dry, there is an envelope included with a return label included for you to mail the impressions to them. After you send in your impressions it takes about 3-5 business days to receive your whiting trays!

The syringes come in sets of 3, 6, or 9! You can also purchase refill sets here: whiting + desensitizing
 Once you receive your trays back they will come in a protecting container, as seen below.

To begin the process of whiting, you must first begin with the green syringe. You will first cut off the end piece of the syringe and then begin to squirt the gel in a thin strip along the bottom inside of each tray. Make sure you distribute it evenly and then insert both trays correctly. You will need to leave the trays in for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Obviously the best results will come from leaving the trays in the longest amount of time you can, but results will begin to show no matter what! I feel that leaving them in for about an hour and a half was most realistic and worth while for me! After this you will remove the trays and rinse them out and drying them very well before either putting them back in the case or using the desensitizing gel. 
After you have rinsed the tray out and it is completely dry, you will then repeat the process but this time with the purple syringe. This syringe is intended to protect your teeth from feeling irritated from the whiting gel. This can make a huge difference for those of you who have sensitive teeth! I personally have sensitive teeth and I have used whiting strips and it irritated my teeth so incredibly much! The desensitizing gel works so well and I could tell when I hadn't used it long enough! You must leave this set in for approximately 15 minutes for it to be effective.
Tooth sensitivity is a common problem that is easy to avoid when whiting, which you can read more about here :) 

Finally, here are my real results after 7 sessions!
I saw noticeably whiter teeth after just a couple sessions, but the difference is clearly there after a full week of using Smile Brilliant! Once again, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of this awesome offer to whiten your teeth for such a reasonable price, and don't forget to be one of the first 20 people to use the code 'haileydaily' to receive $20 off of your purchase!

Here is a SUPER informative video that is helpful if you still have a couple questions about the process :)
*Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post!

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