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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hey there! 

It has been a while since my last post, and for good reason! Spring break was last week and I feel so rejuvinated. I feel more motivated than before and more excited for the future. Having said that, I took some time to evaluate ways that I can be better. A Hailey that dreams more, is more brave, and a Hailey that loves more is what I want for the future. 
When I came across The Little Words Project, I immediately fell in love with their cute designs and fun sayings. After looking further at thier website I quickly learned the meaning behind the bracelets and what they stand for, and that only made me fall more in love. Little Words Projects movement started as a way to connect women through the power of positivity and spreading kindess from woman to woman. Here is how it works: first, you purchase a bracelet with a word that is meaningful to you. Next, you register your bracelet on LWP website using the gold tag. You then wear your bracelet for as long as you like. Once you meet someone that needs the word more than you do, you can pass on your bracelet and encourage her to register your tag like you did. Finally, you can check your tag number and see how many times your bracelet has been passed on and see the impact of a small act of kindness. 
And just like that, with the purchase of a small bracelet, you are spreading positivity. Not to mention they are the cutest beaded bracelets you've ever seen. I pretty much never take mine off! 
To purchase your bracelet you can click here :)
*Thank you to Little Words Project for sponsoring this post!

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