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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hello again!

It is officially spring! I know, I know.. I am a little late. I am so excited though, and I am so happy that is finally acceptable to wear shorts and sandals and break out all of my spring clothing! Along with those pretty pastels and florals I am super excited to accessorize more than ever. Every year I notice more and more that I wear a lot more jewelry during the summer than I do during the winter. I absolutely love this necklace from Mulberry & Grand. It is the perfect layered necklace and I love that you literally don't have to do anything but throw it on (they are all connected!) I also love how timeless it is, how classic it would look with a sun dress but also how chic it would look with a trendy sweatshirt! The best part about it is that it is under $50! You can shop more from Mulberry & Grand here :)

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  1. I love that top!
    Lauren |


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