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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hey there!

I am so excited to be reviewing this brush kit from My Brush Set! I have recently been more interested in makeup and figuring out what works for my face and how I can enhance my features. After watching countless Youtube videos (yes, I am that girl...well maybe everyone does it but I watch like 50 in one sitting LOL) I decided to try out a cream contouring kit. Upon doing so I quickly realized how its not just the palate that I needed (oh no, with make up its never just one thing its ALL the things), I needed brushes, too! I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to spending money on makeup-especially on brushes. I don't know what it is but I hate spending money on something if I'm not 100% sure that it is going to get the job done. That's why when I was given the opportunity to test out these brushes I had to jump on it! 

 To begin I'll start by using the largest brush (1) to blend in my foundation. Then, I applied the cream contour. Next, I used the second largest brush (2) to blend in the contour around my cheeks and the middle of my face. I then used the medium sized brushes (3) & (4) to blend in my concealer. Finally, I used one of the smaller oval sized brushes (5) to blend in my nose and my chin. I used brushes I used brushes 6-10 for my shadow and to blend in, (7) being for the crease and (9) for the inner corner and below the brow. Normally I don't do anything below my lower lash line, but the (8) would be great for applying shadow there. I love them because they are SO soft and blend so well. Not to mention this entire brush set retails for over $350 and they are currently selling for only $39.99 (that's a HUGE deal, y'all!) I have never been able to find an oval kit for that cheap and for the amazing quality that My Makeup Brush Kit. Also, I noticed that using the brush kit cut down my time the time I was spending trying to blend in with a beauty blender. Definitely way more efficient! I found some great tutorials via Youtube just by searching Oval Brush Set, if you are a visual learner like me :)
 For reference, I am using a cream contour kit while using this set.
*Thank you My Makeup Brush Kit for sponsoring this post

Let me know if you'd like for me to post more about beauty and my journey into learning more and more techniques and I may add a 'Beauty' tab to my blog!

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  1. yes!! I am the same- I watch a billion youtube videos in a row... once you start you can't stop!! thanks for this post- your makeup looks AMAZING! I would love to see an everyday makeup routine :)


  2. These look great! I'm always on a lookout for some affordable makeup brushes! thanks for sharing.
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