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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I loved my dress so much (and kind of picked it) because I know that every year at my school, they plant tulips right before we have formal. I knew it would be so pretty in pictures, and I'm so happy with the way they turned out!

My favorite part of my outfit for formal, though, definitely had to be these gorgeous heels I got to go with my dress. These pretties upped my dress up a little and made it more fun/dressy.

My sweet (and fun..last picture ahha), Luke, was such an absolute blast to bring with as he made the night that much better!

My beautiful bestfriends :)

Alpha Delta Pi Black Diamond Formal 2016
(From left to right: Madison, Chandler, Lani, Kailyn, Haley, Cezann, Me, Hannah, and Callie)

So, there is a backstory behind this picture. A couple of months ago when the song 'Formation' came out, I asked all of my ADPi sisteres if I could get a picture at formal, in a V, and have the caption be "Okay ladies now lets get in formation", simply because I love how empowering the song is and I mean, come on, its Beyonce. So, a lot of my sisters were wearing black, and one sister, Jennifer, mentioned that it would look way cooler if everyone behind me had on black.. and here you have it, the product (probably one of my fav pics from formal).
Hey Hey Hey!

So, a couple weeks ago my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, had its annual spring formal, Black Diamond! I thought it might be fun to do a recap of the night so y'all could see the ins and outs of what we did, what we ate, and most importantly, what we wore! 

First things first, what we wore! I decided to go with a dress that was a little less formal this year, as last year I wore a long gown and regretted every. minute. of. it. As I mentioned earlier, I love to dance, and in a long gown, it makes it a little harder. I found this dress at Cheeky Peach in Athens back in October. When I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for formal because a. we always have our formal in the spring and they always plant tulips on campus during this time b. it was perfect cut for my body type and just looked so good on, I couldn't resist!

As soon as I bought the dress, (like literally minutes after), I was trying to decide on heels to wear with it. More so than ever, I knew that you were going to be able to see my heels and they needed to make a statement. Unlike a traditional dress, I wanted something fun and bright, so of course I went online to do a little research. Months ago, when these Steve Madden heels were released, I knew I wanted them. So, I waited until about a month ago to see if there were any deals or steals before then. Sadly, there wasn't, but I am glad I waited as I wouldn't have worn them before now!

Hair and Makeup
Looking back, I definitely wish I would have gotten a close up of my makeup before formal. For the first time ever, I decided to do my own hair and makeup for a formal event. For both my high school proms and formal last year, I hired a hair dresser/makeup artist to do it for me, because I am not very good at it myself. But pretty much every girl I knew last year did their own makeup hair, so this year I though..eh, why not try!? I am very happy with the way both turned out, and if you are going to formal or prom, I would definitely recommend trying it once yourself (before the event) and deciding what is the best option for you. For me, the main problem was in the past I always wanted an updo, but now that I have short hair, that wasn't an issue! And the main difference for me was just trying my makeup a different way, and purchasing some fake eyelashes to dramatize my look!

We ate at the formal, and there were two dishes to chose from, both of which were pasta. Pretty simple :)

Formal Festivities 
My absolute favorite part of formal (like always) was definitely dancing the night away! I love to dance, and thankfully my date did too. One of my favorite memories from the night was as we were leaving, the security officer on duty looked at Luke and I and said "You two were definitely the life of the party!" 

All in All
I am so incredibly thankful for spending my last formal as a member of this chapter with these women! I cannot believe that my time at this University is coming to a close.. time really does fly! 

Thanks for reading!

Until next time..

Hailey Daily 

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