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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello, hello, hello! Though its been a while since my last post... (errrr maybe a little longer than a while...3 or 4 months?? But whose counting..) I am so thankful that though I have been out of my blogging zone for a while, I have people in my life who support me and remind me of my goals. Since my last post, a lot of things have been changing in my life. I have finally finished my first year of college (can I get a whoop whoop!?) and I feel its time to get back into the game. Having said this, my dear friend Rickey of The Mod Prep (go check his blog out.. like now!) and our self proclaimed not-yet-famous photographer Jessie went out for a shoot. Shoots are normally quick and to the point.. but with these two that was not the case. As we wandered up and down the streets of Augusta Rickey posed, Jessie shot, and I goofed around. A perfect shoot to say the least.

Now to the clothing.
Experimenting with  different styles has kind of been my thing lately. From the open back tops, to the lace bralettes, all the way down to the high top converse and spiked sandals, trends are always fun to play with (no worries.. those looks soon to come :). But some looks I always come back to. Classic looks that include navy, white, and gold will probably always be at the top of my list. Though I couldn't find the exact skirt or top, I linked some that I think would be fun if put together or even paired with other looks. Eyelet skirts and tops are perfect for spring and summer and light weight white tops literally never go out of style. Done and done. P.S. these Lauren style Jack Rogers have had my eye for a while and I finally splurged and purchased them. Best. Decision. Ever. (okay... you got me, maybe not ever, but you get the idea!) Though they are not the most comfy sandals ever made, one can expect from the line of shoes they come from they are not made for support. As a twist on the classic Navajo I love that I can pair these with a little bit more of a dressy look, but they also double as an alternative to the traditional pair I already have. All in all, I would definitely recommend purchasing these summer staples!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time...

Hailey Daily

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