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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Can you obsessed? I am in love with with this cute little tank from the Houndstooth Press. I just recently found about this neat not-so-little company based in Fayettville, Arkansas. As soon as I started looking through their portfolio online, I knew I had found the next location for my chapters t-shirts. Their designs are beautiful and unlike any other ones I seen (and believe me, I see tons and look through thousands on Pinterest..perks of having a position in a sorority). This look that is featured above is one that I sport multiple times on campus. Although I'd like to pretend that I'm just as stylish at work as I am at school, that is just not the reality. College students like to be comfy. Everyone likes to be comfy. Houndstooth Press makes shirts that are comfy....see where I am going with this? But really... If you are looking to produce some super cute tee's with an easy to work with company than look no more. And if you'd like to purchase one of these tees the link to contact them is above. Below I included some of my favorites from their portfolio. Check them out :)

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Hailey Daily

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