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Monday, September 14, 2015

top: Swank || dittos jeans || earrings

Hey guys!

So, this weeks post is super exiting because I feel like my style is branching out a little bit. I'm so incredibly in love with these 1970 style flared jeans, so much even that I went and took photos before getting my pants hemmed (insert monkey emoji). I love how long and lean these pants make me look and feel. Not even that but I also really love feeling tall, and these pants make me feel 10 feet tall. I am high key obsessed with this top for fall, too! It is the perfect length to wear with these jeans, or even a cute pencil skirt for a dressier event. Also, true life: I'm not sure if I'm ready for fall, Strange.... I know. But I just can't imagine being cold and bundled up walking around campus. Every single post I see on Instagram seems to be celebrating this cold front and I am almost upset. Maybe I am on my own..maybe not...but I am holding on strong, even if its only with fall colored tanks.

Until next time..

Hailey Daily

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