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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello again! This week I'm coming to you not as Hailey Daily, but just Hailey. Real life, hot mess, stressed out, not put together Hailey (not that I'm always put together on here either).This weekend I went on an awesome retreat with my sisters and I realized something. As of lately I have been feeling nothing but stressed out. School, work, sorority.... does it ever get easier? Even then you feel like "my problems aren't nearly as much as the next person, I shouldn't complain.". But you know what... complain. Vent. Say it out loud. So many times I feel by bottling it up inside I am making it easier on everyone and that I can do everything on my own, but lately I have been realizing (slowly but surely) how many people I really do have on my side. Honestly I always say that I want to post more and be more active on my blog or social media, but its a struggle. I honestly do not know how women who have full time jobs, children, and life in general can manage to still run a blog. This isn't a venting session (maybe it is) but I just wonder some days, am I doing enough? Am I trying as hard as I possibly can to make this the best it can be? And most days that answer is a flat out NO. But then some days........ some days I just think "maybe if I just do as much as I personally can, and enjoy life... maybe that's whats right for me". And I think I'll try that. I want to be successful and have my blog take off... but I also want to enjoy college, my sisters, my relationship, every.single.thing to the fullest and not put it in the back burner. I guess what I am getting to is time management is everything and as much as people say it, until you learn it for yourself you truly never know how valuable it is. 

I guess sometimes you just need a good rant, right? Right. 

Until next time... 

Hailey Daily

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