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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

dress: The Swank Company // necklace // wedges // ring // bracelet

Lately I have been on such a travel kick..yet I can't seem to manage to get out of my own town. I've noticed through this I have been channeling those vibes into my clothing. I am OBSESSED with this romper and I could not wait to get it on when I came through the doors at work. This may sounds crazy but it almost reminds me of a Persian rug or like some sort of magic carpet (crazy, right? ;). The print is just as vibrant and beautiful in person as it is on camera. The colors pop and the dress is just a statement piece. 

One of the best feelings is when you find an article of clothing that is almost exactly like another one you had been lusting over for forever and a day. The wedges I have on in this shoot are literally identical to the Michael Kors version I had my eyes on for a while. Only, these are only half the price! By the way, have yall checked out Altar'd State before? It is such a neat store filled with such cool clothing perfect for summer! 

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Hailey Daily

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