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Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Pour l'amour de Paris!

{  For the love of Paris  } 

Ah, what I would give to be in Paris, walking the city streets with one hand holding a pastry and the other taking glorious pictures of the beauty within the city. Instead I am lounging in my bed dreaming of the day I will get to go back to the beautiful city of love. It might just be me.. but I feel almost as if this is the summer of Europe/Paris-filled vacations and my insta feed is filled with the city's pretty little picture perfect landscapes and scenery. What better way to feel a little (okay-not so much but I tried) closer to Paris than to channel it into my wardrobe. When one of my best friends came back from Paris just a couple weeks ago she brought me back these dainty little stone bracelets, and I have literally worn them every day since. They are just so cute and the perfect addition to any outfit.. not to mention it is cool when someone asks "where'd you get that from", "oh, just PARIS". Totally casual. Anywho, dreaming of Paris won't get me very far but strategically wearing clothing to make me feel as if I am there may help alittle.

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