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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Romper: The Swank Company // Shoes: J.Crew Warehouse Sale

When I said I'm obsessed with rompers you didn't believe me, did you? Well this little number has been such a hit for me. I wore it to work, to the mall, to UPS, and then on this shoot. For a long sleeve romper it has given me such an easy time in the Georgia heat! One of the number one reasons with rompers are so wonderful is because of how easy they are. Throw it on, put some sandals on, a cut necklace and you are good to go. No. Effort. Necessary. 

One thing I never got around to talking about on here is the madness that is the J.Crew Warehouse Sale. My oh my, is that some craziness right there. Have you ever been to a yard sale where you just know there is a treasure at the bottom and you can't give up, but then you look up to see thousands (okay maybe I'm over exaggerating a teeny tiny bit ;) of boxes still to be searched through? ME EITHER. So, here's the breakdown. The warehouse sale happens after every season J.Crew releases new clothing and its literally exactly what it sounds like...a huge warehouse filled with endless boxes to be looked through. I found countless items and ended up purchasing about 10 items for around $70! One of items being these amazing leather sandals. I think I wore them about 10 times the week I got them! I am obsessed!

Want this romper? Email or call The Swank Company at swankaug@gmail.com (706)-432-9282

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Hailey Daily

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